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   Greene County - at a glance

  • Greene County is one of 102 counties in Illinois
  • Area of Greene County: 543 Square Miles
  • Time Zone: Central Standard Time
  • Adjacent Counties: Calhoun, Jersey, Macoupin, Morgan, Pike, Scott
  • Date County was established: January 20, 1821
  • The County is named after General Nathaniel Greene 
  • Greene County's population in 2004 was approximately 14,532 (according to the U.S. Census Bureau)
  • County Seat: Carrollton
  • Greene County Website
  • Local Greene County Ancestry: 28 percent of residents in Greene County reported German Ancestry and 13 percent of the residents reported Irish decent.
  • Cemeteries in Greene County include: Barnett Cemetery, Belltown Cemetery, Bluefield Cemetery, Borlin Cemetery, Bridgewater Cemetery, Busch Cemetery, Cannedy Cemetery, Carter Cemetery and Clark Cemetery.
  • Townships/Communities in Greene County include: Athensville, Bluffdale, Carrollton, East Hardin, Eldred, Greenfield, Hillview, Kane, Linder, Patterson, Rockbridge, Roodhouse, Rubicon, Walkerville, White Hall, Woodville, and Wrights
  • School Districts in Greene County include: Carrollton School District 1, Greenfield School District 10 and North Greene School District 3. *SEE School District Map also see eReport Cards.
  • Libraries in Greene County include: Carrollton Public Library, Greenfield Public Library, Roodhouse Public Library and the White Hall Township Library

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Illinois Birth Records Search:

Birth Records are not considered public records, and only the following people are allowed access and are entitled to receive certified copies of these records:

  • The named person on the record, if they are 18 years of age or older.
  • The parent (s) named on the record.
  • The legal representative or legal guardian of the child. (written evidence of guardianship or legal representation is required.)
  • Genealogical researchers and others may be able to obtain uncertified copies of these records on a restricted basis. Please visit frequently asked questions for additional information

    You can obtain birth records from the Illinois Department of Public Health, Vital Records Division, or from the county clerk's office in the county where you were born. County Clerk's Addresses and Websites

    The Illinois Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) Vital Records Division makes available three different types of certified birth records, which are suitable for all legal purposes:
  • A "long form" or certified copy is the most easily recognizable birth record. It is an exact copy of the birth certificate as prepared by the hospital where the birth took place.
  • A "short form" or "certification" is 8"x7" in size and is a computer generated summary of your birth record.
  • The birth card is the same as the computer generated summary, except it is "wallet size" as opposed to the 8"x7" size of the "short form".

Information needed when ordering a birth record:

  • correct date of birth
  • person's full name at time of birth
  • the city and county where the birth occurred, including hospital name (if known)
  • name of the birth parent(s) shown on the birth record (including the mother's maiden name)
  • legible copy of a valid photo i.d. card

Illinois Department of Public Health
Division of Vital Records
605 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Phone: (217) 782-6553

Illinois Death Records Search:
Death recordsare only made available to persons who have a personal interest or property rights interest with the decedent and are not public records. If the person making the record request is not a relative of the deceased person, then a letter or document will be required from the agency or office that is requesting the death certificate. And such letter / document must accompany any request for these records.

In order to obtain to obtain death records, you can contact the Illinois Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) Division of Vital Records or you can contact the county clerk's office located in the county where the death occurred. List of county clerk websites and mailing addresses.
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Illinois Adoption Records Search:
For those seeking information on Illinois Adoption Records, you can contact the State of Illinois Adoption Registry at the following phone numbers:
(877) 323-5299 (Toll Free)
(217) 557-5159 (Local)
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